Elite Restoration

Small $500 | Large $600

*prices dependent on vehicle condition*

We call this detail an elite restoration for a good reason, this process can take up to two days. Here is where our name really holds merit. ATD Elite Restoration is designed for vehicles in a neglected condition, restoring both interior, exterior & including protection for the future.


Exclusive additions to this service includes:

Engine Bay: A full engine bay detail;

Exterior: 1 step polish, headlight restoration, remove & polish wheel, wash wheel wells and ceramic wax paint protection;

Interior: removing seats, 3 step stain removal, rubber seal plastic & trim restoration and high quality leather rejuvenation.


Total Car Care

Small $220 | Large $250

The ATD Total Car Care service is our most popular service providing a superior detail while maintaining a competitive price.


Preceding key features include:

Exterior: bug & tar removal, de-grease door jams, clay bar essential areas, apply synthetic wax & hydrophobic paint sealant.

Interior: extraction vacuum, steam cleaning, heavy grime removal, leather conditioning, light stain removal.​

*prices dependent on vehicle condition*


Maintenance Detail

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Our Maintenance Detail is designed for regular customers or relatively new or clean vehicles which require some basic maintenance. While the use of high quality protective products is not usually necessary in this service it still provides all expectations of a quality detail.

Our customers satisfaction is what keeps ATD the most competitive business in our class.

*prices dependent on vehicle condition*


Cut & Polish

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*prices dependent on vehicle condition*

A cut & polish is required for refining defects in your vehicles clear coat, while not all scratches and damage can be repaired a cut and polish provides an excellent finish. For your assurance we use strict preparation and operational steps which includes only using high quality machines & materials.


Price is dependent to the condition of your vehicle. Protective wax and paint sealant is inclusive.

(ceramic coatings available in complete paint correction)



Prices start from $100

*prices dependent on vehicle condition*

The extent of our motorcycle details are performed around your budget, whether your just after a wash and shine or we can pull it apart, degrease, shine, polish and protect inside and out and from top to bottom and have it looking better than the day you bought it!


Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

video coming soon

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*prices dependent on vehicle condition*

Paint correction is accomplished with a meticulous process to ensure the paint is in a supreme condition before the ceramic coating application. Once cured the ceramic coating not only has an incredible finish, it provides a molecular barrier impervious to environmental threats your paint endures day to day. Unlike other protective products ceramic coatings are durable for 18 to 36 months.

Small Car: Sedan, Coupe, Single Cab Ute, Hatch

Large Car: Large Sedan, Dual Cab Ute, Van, SUV

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